Public Disturbance: S&M 7"

euro import


Yet another excellent fanclub edition of a classic KBD single. Originally released on the legendary Mutha records, Public Disturbance's debut EP is one of the finest records of its kind, hence the $300-$400 price tag. Well, now you can get it for a reasonable price! And, not unlike the recent Suicide Squad 7", this fanclub edition sounds FANTASTIC.

Our take: Fan club edition of this highly sought after single originally released on the legendary Mutha Records imprint, which you may remember as the home of the almighty Chronic Sick. If Chronic Sick floats your boat it's a good bet that Public Disturbance will do the same... they have a similar stew of notable qualities, including potentially offensive lyrics and artwork, a sound built around bruising, amped-up take on 70s punk, and simple, stinging leads that totally make the songs. As with similarly-sourced recent "fan club editions" from Suicide Squad and Nasty Facts, this is one of those repros that is clealry produced with care and attention to detail and it looks and sounds great.
Tags: 80s hardcore punk recommended reissues ushc