Public Assault: No Way Out 7"

Foreign Legion Records


Young guns from Northwest Indiana playing early Dischord Records riffs the way they should be played; with absolutely no regard for anyone. In a (literal) state of Neo-Nazis, economic collapse, and no future, these four teens are writing music that reflects the fact that while some kids are growing up looking at Facebook and a college education, the land that America forgot is raising children destined to a steel mill that will be closing before they are even old enough to drink. No hope, no future, oi, oi, oi?

Our take: Debut EP from this hardcore band out of Chicago. This is raw, fast, and sloppy stuff, but it's actually kind of refreshing in a sea of hardcore bands that honestly play too well for their own good. The raw, unhinged energy of this reminds me of seminal early recordings by bands like Negative FX, Negative Approach, and maybe even some bands who don't have the word "negative" in their name, like Agnostic Front or Jerry's Kids. No one would say that this band is reinventing the wheel, but they definitely manage to capture a particular aspect of the early USHC scene that very, very few modern bands are able to.
Tags: 10s hardcore midwest ushc yoobl