Proxy: Something We've All Seen Before 12" (red vinyl)

Inflammable Material Records


Debut LP from this new Montreal, Canada band featuring former members of Inepsy. If you're wondering if Proxy will scratch that Inepsy itch you've probably had since their last record came out, the answer is a somewhat qualified yes. Proxy clearly has a UK82 / oi! influence, but whereas a lot of bands who say they are influenced by Blitz or Partisans use that as a partial excuse to write extremely simple (and even dumb) riffs and songs, Proxy capture that general oi! vibe while writing music that's more complex and ambitious... "New Age"-era Blitz might be a reference point, but there are moments that have kind of an early Killing Joke vibe as well. Then, lurking behind it all is just a whiff of that rocking Inepsy / Motorhead vibe keeping things propulsive and rocking. I have a feeling this band is going to be huge... I encourage you to get in on the ground floor. Inflammable Material Records

Tags: 10s Canada oi! UK82