Protruders: demo cassette



Demo cassette from this new Canadian band... quirky hardcore punk with kinda bonkers production courtesy of Jonah Falco.

Our take: Demo cassette from this new Toronto band. I'm not really sure what they're going for, but I like it! I wonder if the aggressively weird production and sense of almost blind joy that runs through this is at least partially inspired by the Coneheads, but Protruders are a lot more eclectic and quite a bit heavier and meaner than that comparison would suggest. There's everything from straight up hardcore to borderline pop-punk on this cassette, but despite the disparate nature of the songwriting the band really have their own voice. A lot of that is down to the very in-your-face production, which really emphasizes the mid-range and almost sounds like the entire mix has been run through a Rat pedal. It's a weird release, but weird in a good way, like the band and the audience are both pushing themselves to defy expectations. It's exhilarating... strongly recommended for the progressively-minded punk listener out there.
Tags: 10s canada hardcore punk raw recommended tapesale weird yoobl