Protomartyr: Under Color of Official Right 12"

Hardly Art Records


Like a lot of people, I absolutely loved this band's earlier stuff, and I was somewhat taken aback when I heard this LP. That voice and those great lyrics were still there (and better than ever, in fact!) but the big, cacaphonous sound of the band's earlier stuff was gone, replaced with a sparse and spacey sound... it took a bit of adjustment, but honestly I think this is way better than their older stuff. The songs are way stronger, and the whole thing is just utterly dynamic... it's just a brilliant record back to front. It reminds me somewhat of Wire's transition from Pink Flag to Chairs Missing. If you can hang with that change, you can certainly hang with this... seriously, one of the year's best records so far.


Note: we no longer have the Loser Edition in stock; all of our remaining copies are on black vinyl

Tags: 10s indie melodic post-punk recommended