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Protex: Strange Obsessions 12"

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Long rumored to exist only as test pressings in Holland (one has never actually turned up), the almighty Sing Sing Records uncover this amazing punk artifact. You probably know Protex from singles like "Don't Ring Me Up" and "I Can't Cope," and this is a full LP right along those lines. The two aforementioned songs are probably their most cutesy and poppiest (though "Don't Ring Me Up" appears in a faster and rougher version here), as this LP finds the band a lot more aggressive and punk-sounding. Still, though, there's an undeniable songwriting skill here... how this magnificent LP went unreleased for so long is not just a head-scratcher, it's downright criminal. If you love punk and power pop get this... with the exception of Rudi's "Big Time" this is probably the best thing Sing Sing has released thus far. Sing Sing Records