Protesti: 8 Track EP 7"

Havoc Records


First in a series of re-issues from lost bands of the 80's. Protesti was around during the heyday of Finnish Thrash in the early 80's. I have long been a fan of the aggressive hardcore that came out of Finland in the 80's. When Fight Records agreed to let me do US pressings of their re-issue 7"s this was the first in line. Protesti never had a vinyl release in the 80's of their own, although they did appear on the legendary "Hardcore 83" comp. on Propaganda records. As far as I can understand this was a side project of members of Kaaos and the Bastards. With these influences you can guess at the sound and style, raging fast and chaotic thrash music. The lyrics are translated from Finnish and honestly are just as pertinent today as they were in 1983. Havoc Records