Protester: S/T 7"

Trash King


After a total stomper of a demo, here's the debut 7" from Washington, DC's Protester. Protester are another one of those one-man bands with one guy playing all the instruments, and you can tell that Connor is probably more than a little bit inspired by Violent Reaction's similar origins. However, while both bands unabashedly rep the straight edge, Protester have a bit more in common with the youth crew classics and dispense with the oi! edge that VxRx has. Admittedly, I'm not one to jam much youth crew now that I'm in my mid-30s, but that has as much Agnostic Front and Abused in it as it does Bold and Side by Side, and like the best bands on The Way It Is Connor definitely knows how to write a catchy, memorable hardcore song. Great production, explosive performance... if you're into this style of hardcore this record is 100% essential.

Tags: 10s hardcore sXe USA USHC