Protester: Demo cassette

Bleeding Edges Records


Demo tape from this new DC project featuring my boy Connor from Last Words and Abuse (and, briefly, Double Negative). The format of this is kind of a nod to Violent Reaction (i.e. it's a one-band band in the studio, but with a live / touring lineup), and Connor's are similarly eclectic, though not quite identical to Tom from VR's. You can definitely hear lots of SOA in the sound, a touch of oi! (there's a Last Rights cover here...), the tiniest dab of youth crew, and some tougher sounds as well. The recording is DIY and suitably raw, and fits well with the tough hardcore of Bleeding Edges labelmates like Brain Slug and Altered Boys. Strongly recommended, particularly given that the design and layout are up to Bleeding Edges' usual strong standards. Bleeding Edges

Tags: 10s sXe USA USHC