Private Room: Life Com 7"

Iron Lung Records


The first release for PRIVATE ROOM. It's the new WALLS band. Better songs, worse attitude. Strong. A 2 song single to hold you until the LP drops later this year. The second 7" in the new series strictly limited to 300 copies ever. Black vinyl, stamped sleeve and labels.

Our take: Debut two-song single from this new hardcore band featuring ex-members of Walls. There's a little note on the back that says "much respect to Man Is the Bastard: maniacs and innovators." For me, that little note provided the key that I used to unlock this record. Like MITB, it seems to me like Private Room are interested in making hardcore music that sounds fast, heavy, chaotic, etc., but without relying on the established, familiar tropes that most bands rely on. I mean, you listen to these tracks and they sound like hardcore, but when you listen closely you'll realize that the drummer almost never employs a straight hardcore beat and the guitars and bass rarely lock in together on the same note in that familiar way that almost all hardcore bands do. It seems like MITB's less serious vibe also creeps in here... I mean, the b-side is a sophisticated critique of late capitalist culture called "Gourmet Pez." With only two songs, a simple black and white foldover sleeve, and being limited to only 330 copies (presumably ever) this feels a little bit tossed off, mostly because the songs are pretty short and they don't have a lot of context. However, if this band's next record is totally incredible (and I'm sure it will be), then I'm sure this little single will feel like an essential piece of the puzzle.
Tags: 10s hardcore noisy recommended ushc