Prison Moan: Parasite Hole 7"

Negative Jazz


Here's a small slab of violent, drugged Cleveland punk recorded in 2015. Prison Moan is one of the best unknown hardcore punk acts in the USA!  This is Prison Moans first vinyl release coming off the heels of a killer demo that only made its rounds in small circles in Cleveland and a handful of distros. 

Our take: Debut 7" from this Cleveland band on the consistently great Negative Jazz label. Prison Moan do fit in well with what Negative Jazz has done so far--particularly Mystic Inane--even if they are a little bit on the heavier end of the spectrum. They have the quirky, pogo-informed beats of a lot of current popular bands (Strutter and Glue come to mind), but they have a much thicker sound, one that seems at least partially inspired by Discharge even if there's nothing d-beat about this. The way that these wild, anarchic lead guitar parts seem to careen out of nowhere and into the mix reminds me quite a bit of Why? as well as some of my favorite moments in the Double Negative discography. All in all it's quite the little slab of forward-thinking hardcore.
Tags: 10s cleveland hardcore recommended