Prision Postumo: S/T Cassette



Great new Orange County punk from Damages guys so you know it's top quality. Following the lead of bands like Ausencia but bringing their own shit to the table. Excellent stuff!

Our take: Six songs of primitive, tuneful oi! from this new LA-area band. The recording is decidedly raw, but not really muddy... it kind of sounds like bonus tracks from a L'Infanterie Sauvage or R.A.S. reissue, a comparison that holds not just for the fidelity, but also for the simple, straightforward, yet memorable songwriting. There's a little bit of harder, Partisans-esque punk on the second track, "Carro de Fobre," but that's hardly much of a departure, not that I'm complaining! If you dig the No Future Records sound or primitive French oi! this is quite the hot little demo.
Tags: 10s california oi! punk recommended