Primetime: Going Places 7"

La Vida Es Un Mus


Primetime return with their second EP 'Going Places' on La Vida Es un Mus. A four track EP of juvenile Joie de vivre. Each of the four tracks ooze sass, nonchalance and that special ingredient - songs that demand repeat listens. Standout track is 'Pervert' which is one minute and 56 seconds of post punk perfection which would happily sit on Rough Trade's seminal 1980 compilation 'Wanna Buy a Bridge' in between Kleenex, Swell Maps and The Raincoats. You will not find something as instant and essential in 2016 (Sean Forbes)

Sleeve designed by the band reflecting precisely what you'll find inside the package. Includes download code.

Our take: Eagerly-awaited follow-up single from this London band with one of the freshest sounds out there. Their first EP on LVEUM came out of nowhere and parked itself on my turntable for what felt like several months, and I was really curious as to whether it was a fluke. I think it's now safe to say it wasn't, though this EP is a hair different than the first one. Primetime still have hooks for days, but the four songs on Going Places feel a little bit less sunny than the ones on their first EP. That being said, "Pervert" in particular immediately stands out as one of the band's best songs... when the music stops and everyone screams "PERVERT!" I totally get goosebumps. Oh man, and then that little guitar solo outro on "Get a Grip..." goosebumps again! I'm like RL Stine over here! I'm going to stop thinking about how great this EP is now because when I think too much about how LVEUM gets to release Primetime, Framtid, Barcelona, Good Throb, and more other awesome stuff than I can even name I just want to fly over to London and fight Paco.
Tags: 10s female-fronted melodic post-punk recommended uk yoobl