Pressing On: No Defeat No Capitulation 12" (new)

Deranged Records


Portland's based Pressing On put out a small amount of tapes earlier last year, which was more of a rough version of the totally remastered and mixed known now as the "No defeat, no capitulation" record, and boy did it turn out louder and clearer then we could have imagined. Pressing On consists of members of the late and great Talk Is poison, as well as from Ashes Rise, and the still going Raw Nerves. Expect nothing less then total anthemic and defiant hardcore with all around great musicianship, and strong sense of melody in that great Talk Is Poison style, yet holding their own. A clenched fist pumper for sure.

Our take: This Portland band's demo cassette pressed to vinyl, remastered and sounding better than ever. Here's what I had to say about it the first time: "Demo tape from this new band out of Portland, and it is a RIPPER. Pressing On play a style of hardcore that I lovingly refer to as "old guy hardcore." Now, I'm an old guy and I absolutely love this style, so bear with me as I try to describe this. Basically, this sounds like fast, straightforward hardcore made by people who lived through the 90s but probably love the 80s a little bit more. They've been around through more than one scene trend and they've heard all of the cool records, but they also have a maybe-more-than-sentimental attachment to some records and bands that the current batch of "the kids" don't think are that cool. Now, I don't know the guys from Pressing On, but that's the impression I get from the music on this demo. I mean, they're named after a Gauze song and the main riff to the first track is straight up Death Side (they also have some truly great lead guitar work going on throughout the demo, with a style of soloing that's a rare combination of metallic and melodic), but their logo also reminds me of Verbal Assault and nearly every song has a crew chorus that wouldn't be out of place on a Youth of Today record. It sounds like a bizarre combination, but if you've heard a lot of the Partners in Crime-related bands like Deathreat and Copout then you know that it's a style that work extremely well, and Pressing On knock it out of the fucking park. Highly recommended."
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