Predator: Drag 7" (new)

Total Punk Records


Predator has been kicking around the Atlanta punk scene for quite some time, and though there early releases were really good I feel with 2013’s “Complete Earth” LP they finally nailed down the formula. In a punk scene rich with talent Predator is the band to beat. Minimal, dark, Wire/ Agnew influenced punk tunes with deadpan vocal delivery and incredibly strong production. The new single is two of my favorite tracks yet. Drag is the best single to come out of Atlanta since “Joyless Masturbation” by GG King, who incidentally plays drums in the band.

Our take: Man, Predator are such a weird band. I feel like every time I hear a new recording from them (going all the way back to their first LP in 2011, and even further than that to the LP from pre-Predator band Frantic) I say 1. that it is really good 2. that is it is really different than all of their other records and 3. that Predator is SUPER underrated. It definitely feels like Predator write the sleeper hits of the Atlanta scene... since they don't really have the power pop element to their sound in the same way that Carbonas or GG King do they're just not as flashy or as immediate, but their songs are incredibly well written and stick to your ribs, demanding multiple listens in a way that the flavor of the week pop single doesn't. It's funny, though, that the a-side in particular reminds me quite a lot of the most recent Wymyns Prysyn 12" (which, incidentally, I still listen to ALL THE TIME and still think is KILLER)... it has the same Wipers-esque density and slightly haunting quality. Perhaps Atlanta is gradually undergoing a transformation from "City of Carbonas" to "City of Wymyns Prysyn?" If it's producing records this good I welcome such a transformation.
Tags: 10s garage melodic punk recommended