Prag: S/T 7"

La Vida Es Un Mus


Debut 7" from this Australian hardcore band. We carried these guys' demo, but this 7" represents a significant improvement and is certainly worthy of the great La Vida Es Un Mus label. When you first throw this 7" on you may think that you're in for some typical Confuse-inspired noise punk, but even before the end of the first song Prag show themselves to be so much more than that. Sure, they have kind of pogo-ish beats, noisy guitars, and whiny-sounding vocals, but these songs continually go in completely unexpected directions, particularly in the guitar-playing, which is flashy and catchy in the best way possible. While so many bands in this noise punk style try to one-up each other by getting dumber (i.e. simpler structures, rawer recordings), Prag go in the opposite direction and make this genre smart in a way it hasn't felt since the last D-Clone record. Highly recommended.
Tags: 10s Australia/NZ hardcore noisy raw recommended yoobl