Prag: S/T 7"



Vinyl version of the great 7" released by this new Australian HC band. I actually had copies of the tape on the way for the distro but I typed my address wrong and they got lost in the mail :( Oh well, at least we have the vinyl version now! Like a lot of Australian bands, Prag seem very plugged in to what's hip and current in the worldwide hardcore scene, and this demo definitely seems to betray the influence of both the Toxic State bands (in particular Dawn of Humans' more ambitious vocal style) and the current midwestern slime thing with Lumpy & the Dumpers and Big Zit. The playing is a little tighter than those bands and the production is a little better, which at the end of the day means that Prag is a little catchier... if you like the aforementioned stuff as well as comparable things like Blazing Eye or Crazy Spirit I'd highly encourage you to check this out. It's a total banger, and I have a feeling that this is a record people are going to be clamoring over in a few months.

Tags: 10s australia/nz hardcore raw recommended weird