Pox: No SS 7" flexi

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Since I heard this band for the first time when Mike sent it to me I knew I had to release; POX from New York are presented with this demo, released on cassette by Toxic State also in USA and Voice From Inside in Ukraine , with 4 tracks of pure UK82 PUNK, too good to just have them on a limited tape, with the right touch of melody , rawness and with touches of british OI! in their riffs. Tay 's voice is so striking because by the sound of the band is impossible not to come VICE SQUAD at the head ... but they have their own personality. If you love british punk and Oi! can not miss this band...and if you like this kind of shit, people of SAD BOYS, AUBE, SURVIVAL and NEO COINS are here! One-sided black flexi.

Our take: Debut release from this new band from New York that I've been hearing quite a bit about lately. Mike, the bass player for Sad Boys, is also in Pox, and that makes sense because Sad Boys are probably the closest precedent among the recent NYC bands for Pox, but Pox are also something very different, merely sharing Sad Boys' predilection for pogo beats. Pox are also a lot more polished and poppy... even on a flexi these tracks sound really full and powerful, and the commanding, double-tracked vocals really stand out, recalling any number of classic lady punk singers like Beki Bondage and Pauline Murray. I could see this being a little bit too poppy for some people, but I find this an explosive, addictive listen. This definitely gets my recommendation!
Tags: 10s 65804 melodic new york nyc pogo-punk raw recommended yoobl