Powerblessings: S/T 7"

Electric Records

$2.00 $4.00

I picked up copies of this 7" because it said something like "imagine Drive Like Jehu playing with pre-Henry Black Flag." While that description isn't too off the mark, I'd say that there's a bit more of the Drive Like Jehu and a little less of the Black Flag, but this is still gritty, driving, and pretty f***ing punk. Overall, this reminds me of a lot of 90s bands like Action Patrol, (Young) Pioneers, and maybe Skull Control, but it's not cool to reference those bands so I probably just killed some potential sales right there. Really, though, this is some great, hard-driving, complex punk music a la Wipers or Mission of Burma delivered at nearly-hardcore tempos. Excellent, excellent 7". Manhattan Chemical and Electric Records

Tags: post-punk USA USHC