Power: Electric Glitter Boogie 12"

Cool Death Distort Records


Brilliant debut LP from the hard rocking Australian trio that is POWER. Since releasing a two song demo last year, POWER hit the Melbourne scene with a fury, tightening the screws on their raucous brand of rock'n'roll fury. Electric Glitter Boogie captures POWER at the top of their game, a fast and loose machine running through eight cuts of dynamic hard rock that has garnered comparison to the legendary COLOURED BALLS. This recording captures the intensity and confidence that few modern bands possess and even fewer can exhibit to such effect. Call it hard rock, call it punk, the fact remains that Electric Glitter Boogie is truly something original and worth your ear. This is Australian rock'n'roll delivered with true raw POWER. Mastered by Mikey Young (ECSR, TOTAL CONTROL) for maximum effect and packaged in deluxe snakeskin-embossed gatefold jackets.

Our take: I must admit that I've never been a big fan of too much rock in my punk. I mean, obviously I can acknowledge the greatness of Annihilation Time, but on the other hand I never really liked Kiss or even much classic rock for that matter, and the whole "party dude" aesthetic of a lot of bands that attempt to combine punk and classic rock just leaves me cold. However, this Power LP is really hitting the sweet spot, and perhaps that's because it's not really all that rock when you get down to it. The singer has a little bit of that rawk drawl (though he sounds more like Kenny from Government Warning than any classic rock singer I can think of), and there are generous concessions to the riff™, but the music is pretty much just straight up hardcore punk, and really good hardcore punk at that. It's a bit loose and sloppy, but it works for them, giving this a propulsive energy that really makes them stand out from the pack. It's also a solid full-length punk LP that doesn't feel short yet also doesn't drag or feel redundant at any point. Oh, and that snakeskin textured cover is to die for!
Tags: 10s australia australia/nz hardcore punk recommended yoobl