Potty Mouth: Sun Damage 12"

Feeble Minds Records


Brand new 12" EP from this group of Mass grrrrls. This is a seriously brilliant 12"... it sounds like it's informed by the sound of big, heavy 90s indie like Superchunk and Guided by Voices, but the production is more straightforward than the latter, and the whole thing is a bit more punky and upbeat than either of those comparisons would have you believe. This is, honest to goodness, one of those bands that really has their own sound. Huge, hooky guitars inspired by the Buzzcocks, great songcraft and a brilliant lady on the vox. If you like big, dark punk songs (think everything from the Buzzcocks to later Naked Raygun to Shoppers) this one is for you. Feeble Minds

Tags: 10s female-fronted indie melodic USA yoobl