Porkeria: Desde La Era Del Terror 12"

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After a pretty killer earlier 7", here's the debut 12" from Texas's Porkeria. Even though Porkeria are from South Texas, their sound fits in broadly with a lot of the hardcore coming out of Austin for the past few years... with their pissed-off, Spanish-language vocals and rampaging d-beat rhythms they bear more than a passing resemblance to Vaaska, and, by extension, related bands like Criaturas and Impalers. While there are some scorching leads, this doesn't have the same virtuosic lead guitar quality as those bands, so if you like your d-beat slightly more primitive you may like this even more. I'm also hearing a lot of Japanese hardcore--Forward in particular--in the band's sound. Lately it seems like so many hardcore bands of this ilk try to differentiate themselves with some big gesture like a ridiculously raw recording, epic lead guitar, or some other thing, but Porkeria are a solid meat-and-potatoes hardcore band with catchy riffs, strong production, and powerful vocals. If you like your hardcore without the pretense I'd strongly encourage you to check this out.

Tags: 10s bf16 d-beat hardcore spanish-language texas