Pollen: demo cassette

Not Music


scandinavian-influenced punk on the noisier/faster side of the spectrum.  Members of aseptic, pissbath, ectoplasm.  Based in Philadelphia.

Our take: Demo cassette from another crusty band out of Philadelphia. While their label-mates Aseptic have a more traditional, Discharge and Doom-informed crust sound, I like that Pollen are a little bit nastier and more metallic. It reminds me quite a bit of Extreme Noise Terror... it's just ugly, crushing stuff with barely a nod to melody, catchiness or anything resembling traditional songwriting. I also like how the guitars have this really thin, brittle sound (a metalzone pedal maybe?) that keeps you from being able to take comfort in the relatively traditional Marshall-style guitar tones that a lot of d-beat bands employ. In other words, this will be too much for some people, but the people who love this anarchic, metallic style will flip for it.
Tags: 10s d-beat hardcore noisy raw