Pollen: 7 Track 7"

Brain Solvent Propaganda Records


Total chaotic mangel destruction. 7 tracks of blown out raw punk in vein of Frigora or Defector. Crasher crust out of Philly with ex members of Aseptic, Ectoplasm, Pissbath. Comes with an insert in a pocket sleeve.

Our take: Brand new EP of crasher crust from this Philly group, and if they weren't there already this should cement their status as one of the leading bands in the worldwide d-beat / raw punk / crasher crust scene. The sound of this thing is just completely uncompromising, a total wall of distortion... listening to this thing is like trying to swim in the ocean during a nor'easter... you're just pummeled over and over without compromise and with no prospect of it letting up. There's nothing fancy or gimmicky here, just full-bore punk with everything completely and brutally in the red... easily one fo the most essential records in this style of 2016, and highly recommended. PS: if you need some extra added value, listen to this thing at 33RPM... at that speed it's also the best death metal record I've heard in eons.
Tags: 10s bf16 d-beat hardcore noisy philly raw recommended