Poikkeus: Katsmesser 7"

Crust War


Brand new 7" from Japan's favorite Finn-worshippers. I'm probably going to lose some punk cred here by admitting that I can't recall if I've actually heard Poikkeus's previous EP or not, but the sound of the a-side here was surprising... there's definitely a rocked out HC vibe here, even with a blazing, Inepsy-esque solo at the end. It's mid-paced, anthemic, and catchy as hell but not what I expected from a band whose previous EP ripped off the cover of a Riistetyt record. However, this is definitely a large cut above typical Motí_rpunk stuff and definitely a keeper. The b-side is definitely more along the lines of what I expected... frantic, loose, and wild hardcore that is sufficiently creepy-sounding that it begins to recall early 80s Japanese punk like the Execute. A total banger, and like all Crust War stuff don't expect this to stick around long.

Tags: 10s d-beat hardcore japan raw recommended