PMS 84: S/T 7"

Nightrider Records


Debut EP from this Portland band. They definitely have some UK82 vibes going on thanks to the bubbly, front-of-the-mix bass that reminds me more than a little bit of the Partisans, but I think that PMS 84 have a little bit more three dimensionality to their sound than most bands flying the UK82 or pogo punk flags. First of all, rather than focusing on the bouncy rhythms and simple melodies, this is a little more brooding, darker, and heavier. Parts of it almost begin to take on an early Part 1 / Rudimentary Peni-type vibe, but the tempos are generally much faster than those bands which makes it sound a lot more punk. Basically, if you dig the Savageheads school of amped-up, hardcore-informed UK82 this is a no-brainer. It also has one of the most striking layouts I've seen in quite some time.
Tags: gb325 hardcore punk raw recommended uk82