PMS 84: 2nd 7"

Nightmareman Records


2nd proper vinyl release from this Portland-based hardcore punk band featuring 4 brand new tracks!  On this new EP, PMS 84 has gone through a lineup change with Jesse (formerly of Koward) taking over vocal duties.  The difference in the vocals makes the band come across more tough and less snotty, but they still stay true to their brand of bouncy, bass-up-front, UK82-style punk that you'd come to expect after hearing their first 7".

Our take: PMS 84's debut EP on Nightrider was a favorite around the Sorry State compound, so we were all very much looking forward to this EP. Interestingly, quite a lot has changed with PMS 84, though despite all of the changes they manage to keep the aspects of the band that drew me to them in the first place. The first thing that has changed is the vocalist... while the old vocals had kind of a screamy style delivered with a little bit of a rock n roll drawl, the new vocalist (who, I believe, also does time in Koward) has more of a gruff, crust-informed shout. It's very different than the old vocalist's style, but works just as well I think. The other big change from the first EP is the production. PMS 84's songs are centered around these super complex yet insanely catchy bass lines, and the mix on the first EP put the bass right up front and buried the hell out of the guitars. This new EP has a much more even, balanced, and traditionally punk-sounding mix with a big guitar sound and less prominent bass. Even though the basslines are easily my favorite part of PMS 84, I actually think this production works a little bit better for them. I've always loved bands where the guitars are really straightforward and mostly hold down the rhythm and the bass carries the melody because it's like there's one on-the-surface melody in the guitars and vocals that you can get excited about first, but then when you listen closely there's this whole counter-melody happening with the bass... that's basically what's happening here, and setting that counter-melody back in the mix just a little bit makes it that much sweeter when your ear finally does find it. Now that I've delved into the intricacies of their songwriting and mixing styles, I should probably tell those of you who don't already know that PMS 84 plays a straightforward and catchy interpretation of the UK82 style whose upbeat, almost bubbly rhythms also remind me a little bit of classic Spanish punk like Eskorbuto and RIP. They are great songwriters, and despite the differences outlined above this EP is just as killer as the first one and you should definitely pick it up.
Tags: 10s bf16 hardcore pogo punk recommended UK82