Pillage: S/T 7"

Residue Records

$2.75 $5.50

2nd EP from this new band out of Chicago featuring Ebro from Punch in the Face / Los Crudos / Charles Bronson / etc. on vocals, and damn is this a ripper! There are like a million and one bands in the world right now doing straightforward hardcore with Negative FX-style vocals, but Pillage really stand out for having this loose, nasty, and slightly out of control quality. It's almost like a lot of hardcore bands are too good and it makes them sound a little bit tame. However, when Pillage go into a fast part like the one that starts "Alpha," you genuinely feel like they're playing as fast and as hard as they possibly can. The result is rather than sounding overly processed, this EP has some of that rare, wild spirit of bands like Infest that I rarely hear captured on vinyl anymore. Some may think this is a sloppy mess, but if you come to hardcore more for the feeling of total catharsis than appreciation of razor-sharp musicianship then you'll love this. A certified rager.
Tags: 10s 65804 hardcore midwest ushc yoobl