Pigz: Bloody Belgium 7"

Ugly Pop Records


Another month goes by and Ugly Pop reissues another shit-rare first-gen punker... how does Simon do it? This time around it's the sole single by Belgium's P.I.G.Z. from 1978. This is an energetic, stomping and straightforward punk single that reminds me a lot of the UK stuff that was starting in 1978 and 1979 as the second wave of punk got underway. There's a slight rock and roll edge to the riffing that almost makes this sound Australian, particularly on the standout track, "Stooges." A few of these songs have been comped, but this legit reissue is the only way you're going to hear all three, and as with all of Ugly Pop's reissues you get a beautiful reproduction of the original packaging and a bunch of extras as well, in this case a 12-page, 7"-inch-sized booklet that features an essay about the band and record from Simon and a number of vintage press clippings.

Tags: '77 & KBD 70s belgium europe punk reissues yoobl