Pierre et Bastien: Que du Bonheur 12"

Pollymaggoo Records


I thought this was the debut LP from this French band, but looking at Discogs this is actually their third 12". I'm not sure if they're really under the radar or just move in different circles than I tend to keep tabs on, but it's kind of crazy that I've gone this long without paying them much mind. We did have a couple of earlier 7"s on the Bat Shit label and I thought those were strong, but this 12" has been hitting me way harder and spending a lot of time on my turntable. At the end of the day '77 punk is probably my favorite style of music ever, but I don't listen to a ton of modern stuff that purports to sound like the classics, because I feel like you can almost always detect this faint whiff of pop-punk, which is more or less an immediate turn-off for me. Maybe a more discerning nose can detect the modern vintage of Pierre et Bastien, but to me it makes me feel like I'm listening to a long lost LP from the Lurkers or some other 70s band who combined the driving, metronomic rhythms of the Ramones with the melodic sensibilities of the Buzzcocks. Admittedly, the sound is not wholly original--loads of Danish bands like No Hope for the Kids and Gorilla Angreb were doing something like this in the mid-00s, but with a dash of hardcore in their sound and more of an aversion to straight up pop--but it's so direct, classic and perfect that it's pretty much all that I want to listen to. If you found yourself really liking the recent LPs from Wymyns Prysyn or GG King I'd highly recommend checking this out. Not only is it similar in many respects, but it snuck up on me in a similar way, gradually nudging virtually everything else off of my turntable. Highly recommended.
Tags: 10s europe france garage melodic recommended