Pie Face Girls: Dick Is Dead cassette

Armus Productions


Debut cassette from this Raleigh band who have been playing around town for several years, but only just now seem to be getting around to peddling some physical product. I can't even count how many Pie Face Girls sets I've seen over the past few years. They've always seemed like one of those bands who are pushing uphill, making overtly feminist, rock-infused punk in a town that is generally more known for very macho hardcore. They stick out like a sore thumb around here, but I still think they're great. Their straightforward, bass-led songs remind me of the Breeders infused with the confrontational energy of Bikini Kill... I know those probably feel like generic references for a band that is 2/3 women, but it seems to me like Pie Face Girls are very much engaged with the history of feminine / feminist rock music, so if you're a mega-fan of the aforementioned bands (and I certainly am!) you'll almost certainly understand and appreciate where they're coming from. Oh, and I should also mention that this tape is mega-raw, so when I say this is "punk-infused" I actually mean this is, like, pretty fucking punk, dude.
Tags: female-fronted melodic north carolina raleigh raw riot grrl