Philippine Violators: At Large cassette

World Gone Mad


W.G.M. is proud to announce the official reissue of the classic 1987 Filipino hardcore punk cassette album “At Large!” by the PHILIPPINE VIOLATORS. It was released by the legendary TWISTED RED CROSS label on tape only in the Philippines. W.G.M. is staying true to that original format and professionally repressing it with a full color cover like the original and keeping the original layout, but with the added panels of old archival photos, a lyric and an interview they did after the release of their 3rd tape album. This reissue is one of the most crucial releases from an often forgotten and overlooked scene in the context of world punk. Limited to 300 copies.

Our take: Re-release of this Philippine band's 1987 full-length. While the rest of the world was crossing over and/or getting grungy, the Philippine Violators sounded refreshingly behind the times, apparently taking a lot of influence from first-wave punk but stripping it down and speeding it up and arriving at something very much like early USHC. The production is also very Don Zientera-esque, to the point where you could drop some of these tracks in the middle of a dubbed copy of Flex Your Head and you probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference between it and Teen Idles or Red C. While I don't know much about Philippine hardcore, we carried a cassette compilation of releases from that country a while back that proved that there was a vital punk scene there during the 80s and 90 that's well worth exploring. This band, however, is worth the attention of anyone into the classic USHC sound. 15 tracks and they all rip!
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