Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät: Oma Rauha 7"

Mutant Records


So, Finland's PKN have been on my radar for a little while now. Apparently there's a documentary about them (thought I haven't seen it) that centers around the fact that all of the members have disabilities of one sort or another. They also released a 7" on Hard Skin's JT Classics label that we also carried, and just recently I heard that they're to be Finland's entry into the Eurovision song contest. That's quite a lot of information about one group to process, and you're probably thinking to yourself, "are they a novelty / mere spectacle, or is there something interesting going on here?" Well, this new EP shows that there is, indeed, something interesting going on. It's very strange that the world outside of punk seems to have noticed this band (at least to an extent), because this record is something that could exist on its own just fine within the punk scene, irrespective of the story surrounding the band. This new EP is much, much faster, tighter, and altogether more hardcore than their record on JT classics, with six songs zooming by in about five minutes. The high-pitched vocals still remind me of the Ivy Green / Kids / Lost Kids axis of early Europunk, but this time around the dentist-drill guitar sound (which kind of reminds me of early Disorder) and the manic, lightning-speed rhythms (which might recall any number of great early 80s European hardcore acts) really up the ante, retaining the catchiness of their earlier stuff with pushing the intensity meter way into the red. Basically, this is a totally ripping 7", and I can't think of another record that sounds precisely like it. It's rare to find a record these days truly embodies both of those qualities, so there's more than enough reason to buy this on its musical merits irrespective of the band's background.

Tags: 10s Europe finland punk recommended Scandinavia