Pertti Kurikan Nimipaivat: Jarmo 7"

JT Classics Records


Debut 7" from this Finnish punk band, released on JT Classics, which is a label run by one of the guys from Hard Skin. Apparently there is a documentary film about this band and all four of the members are learning disabled, but even if you didn't know that this is a nice little slab of raw and direct punk. The rhythms are dead simple in a early oi! kind of way, but the vocals are a little catchier, reminding me of the early Euro punk sound. This also has a great recording... it kind of reminds me of the Achtungs stuff in that it's both raw and powerful, vintage without sounding retro in a goofy way. I'm not sure if these guys are actually "punks" per se, but something about it seems to me like the band is responding to punk, but isn't bogged down by the awareness of punk's long history that so many bands nowadays tend to have (and, in some respects, are often shackled by)... in other words, this sounds incredibly fresh and direct in a way that few bands since the glory days of the late '70s have. It won't be for everyone since it's ever so slightly outside of the box, but that very uniqueness means that the people who love this will REALLY love it.

Tags: '77 & KBD 10s finland oi! punk uk82