Perte Noire: Tom-ass 7"

Spaghetti Cassetti Records

$3.00 $7.00

Debut 7" by this punk band from Brussels, Belgium who sing in French. This is some really wild, out-there punk... as the label description notes, this has all of the outward signifiers of post-punk (non-standard song structures, heavy use of synth, etc.), but the music doesn't really sound "post-punk" in the sense that people tend to mean now, i.e. ripping off Wire and Joy Division. Instead, this band remind me more of the out-there stuff by early post-punk bands like Metal Urbain, Lilliput, Swell Maps, etc. It's definitely a bit on the artsy side, but the band sound so singular and interesting that it really holds my attention. The packaging is also absolutely gorgeous, a custom-folded, multi-color screen print job with some really wild illustrations. Spaghetti Cassetti Records

Tags: 10s Europe post-punk