Perspex Flesh: S/T 12"

Static Shock Records


Long-awaited debut LP from this band out of Leeds, England. Their previous 7" on Video Disease was great and the LP totally tops it. I still feel like Perspex Flesh bear at least a passing resemblance to Hoax in that their songs tend to trudge along at this really menacing tempo, but Perspex Flesh is a lot less stripped down. The sound is really chaotic but at the same time melodic, especially for a hardcore band. This is probably an out-there reference given the fact that these guys are a hardcore band, but the way melodies emerge out of the noisy din actually reminds me a bit of Shoppers at points, though you can tell these guys have probably paid a lot of attention to their Rudimentary Peni records as well. As you can probably tell by how all over the place these references are, this is a pretty original-sounding LP and definitely one of the best hardcore records of late. Strongly recommended.

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Tags: 10s hardcore noisy recommended uk