Perspex Flesh: Ordered Image 12"

Static Shock Records


Brand new 12" from this bands out of Leeds, UK, and it is a verified CRUSHER. I liked their earlier 12" on Static Shock, but this one bests it in pretty much every way possible. The music is just perfect, off-kilter hardcore that's weird enough to be interesting but not so strange that it sounds obtuse or off-putting. I guess it just sounds out of the box and creative in a really exciting way. Maybe it's just because I've been listening to it a lot lately, but the music (i.e. everything but the vocals) reminds me quite a bit of Spike in Vain's Disease Is Relative LP; like that record, the leads are weird and catchy, the rhythm section is heavy and driving while also being quirky and angular when the situation calls for it, and the songwriting is consistently exciting. My only complaint with this is that it feels really short. Looking at the track times listed on the label it's not really that short, but maybe it's just that I like this record so much that when it's playing I just don't want it to end. Highest recommendation!
Tags: 10s hardcore noisy recommended UK