Permaculture: They Advance 7"

Inflammable Material Records


I wasn't sure I would see a follow-up record from Permaculture, but I'm stoked to see this because their previous EP was one of my favorites of whatever year it was that it came out (2014? 2013?). This new one doesn't mess with the formula at all really... Ryan Abbott (Green Beret, No Tolerance, Social Circkle, Aggression Pact, and many, many more) bashes out some really interesting anarcho punk music that's slightly quirky in all the right ways, while Jen (Nuclear Family and a newer Australian band whose name escapes me at the moment) dishes out highly political invective over the top that sounds suspiciously similar to Eve Libertine from Crass. As on the previous EP, there's a good balance between jittery, angular stuff in the Crass mold and more melodic, song-y stuff that's more in the Mob / Zounds mold (even adding a slight Killing Joke vibe in places)... The title track, "They Advance," is the hit here, and while it's not quite as hot as "Silent Service" off the first EP it's worth the price of this EP on its own.

Tags: 10s anarcho anarcho-punk female-fronted melodic punk recommended