Patsy: Tuley Tude High 7"

Total Punk Records


Debut single from New Orleans/ Chicago punk outfit Patsy. Patsy features members of Mystic Inane, but the connection ends there. Nothing “mutant” about this. Two tracks of straight ahead rumbling punk rock highlighted by Candice’s Darby style drawn out growls and killer vocal hooks. Look for another single on Total Punk later this year. All killer no filler 100% TOTAL PUNK!

Our take: Debut EP from this new band featuring Candice from Mystic Inane on vocals. Even though this is somewhat different, I do think that Patsy will appeal immediately to the Mystic Inane fan. While Mystic Inane are a little more cerebral and a little more complex (particularly in the way that the songs are arranged), Patsy has more of a straightforward, almost basic USHC sound. However, as with Mystic Inane you get the feeling that Patsy are not just pulling from the superficial parts of that sound, but rather digging deep and trying to find the psychological and social foundations on which early US punk rests. I guess that's just a fancy way of saying this sounds like an old US punk record from the 80s in the best way possible... two tracks that will be stuck in your head for weeks, I promise. I'm already waiting impatiently for their next one.

Tags: 10s bf16 chicago female-fronted hardcore midwest punk recommended