Patsy: Eat It 7"

Total Punk Records


Patsy is back with the follow up to their debut single on Total Punk and I think this one is even better than the last. No nods to the odd, or mutant grunts just a full frontal assault. Two of the most solid hook filled punk tunes I’ve heard in some time propelled ahead by barreling drums, incredible guitar and bass interplay and Candice’s snot filled vocal attack. Could easily sit aside the early Dangerhouse catalog. Get in early or miss the boat. 100% TOTAL PUNK!

Our take: Since they share members, I can't help but think about Mystic Inane when I listen to Patsy. It strikes me that both bands released a pair of 7"s in a very short amount of time, and each of these pairs are beautifully coherent, even linear. The a-side of Patsy's first single, "Tuley Tude High," was pretty much a stone-cold banger, as close as you get to a "hit" in our tiny little world of DIY hardcore punk. However, just as Mystic Inane's Ode to Joy seemed to expand subtly on the strengths of Eggs On a Plate and offer hints at new directions, so does this single's very strong a-side show us a different, equally intriguing side of Patsy. At the risk of mischaracterizing it, there's something vaguely epic about this track, the way that it seems to ebb and flow or maybe just move across the densely-packed couple of minutes that it sticks around for. It reminds me, in that way, quite a lot of the Mystic Inane song, "Ode to Joy," not only because of that vague sense of epic-ness (or maybe it's just well-written-ness?) but also the fact that Candice's off-time (or maybe just idiosyncratically timed?) vocals dance across the song's skittering rhythm. Anyway, it's pointless to wax poetic but so much about this record because, like every Total Punk release lately, it's going to sell out in a flash, but this is one that's worth the extra effort to track down. Patsy are one of the most genuinely exciting bands in punk right now, and I'm itching to hear what's next.
Tags: 10s female-fronted hardcore punk raw recommended ushc