Party Plates: S/T 7"

Non Commercial Records


Another new band/record from the familiar Cleveland crew that's brought us dozens of great bands over the past 20 years or so... there's a reason that people collect everything that comes from this little micro-scene, because whatever the genre (whether it's the straight up hardcore of Inmates, the street punk of Cider, or Party Plates' more metallic sound), there's an unhinged, nihilistic quality to the records that very, very few bands are able to capture successfully on vinyl. As I mentioned, Party Plates are a little more metal than your typical Clevo hardcore, but it's still raw, fast, and unhinged... I'm reminded of tons of bands... early GISM, Venom's first LP, forgotten thrash metal demos like Black Task... if you're into punk-tinged early 80s metal or if you just like to keep an eye on everything coming out of Cleveland you'll definitely want to check this out.

Tags: 10s cleveland hardcore metal midwest raw