Parasytes: Straight Jacket Help! 7"

Distort Reality Records

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British '80s influenced punk somewhat in the vein of early Sacrilege, but with more punk rock, almost Chaos U.K.-styled, thrown in. Great riffs, great rhythms and… well, just great overall. You can pogo, while still wearing your crusty vest, to this. Parasytes hail from Montreal, Canada and have Jannick (from After the Bombs/Truncheons) and Tom (from Napalm Raid).

Our take: Three more songs from this Montreal punk band, coming hot on the heels of their split with Secta on Discos MMM. As on that recording, there's a pronounced UK82 influence on these tracks, with simple, basic riffs and no fear of classic-sounding catchiness... they even bust out some "whoas" on "Burning Down the Cities," which otherwise sounds like one of the mid-paced early Discharge songs. While there's a similar sort of catchiness, this isn't the Asta Kask-esque pogo punk that's been so popular in the DIY scene for the past few years. No, this is full-bore street punk, like a tougher, harder, and more modern take on the sound of the early Casualties records. It's kind of surprising to see something in this style coming out on a label like Distort Reality, but I suppose after a bunch of bleak crust and noise-punk records you probably want something like this that you can raise your beer in the air and sing along to, and this accomplishes that ably without being the least bit goofy or lame.
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