Parasytes / Secta: Split 7"
Parasytes / Secta: Split 7"

Parasytes / Secta: Split 7"

Tags: · Canada · melodic · punk · recommended · south america · spanish language · UK82
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Split 7" from Montreal's Parasytes and Bogota's Secta. Parasytes features members of After the Bombs, Truncheons, etc, but rips in a much more UK82 style than other bands Janick has been in. On the flip are two new songs from Bogota's Secta. These two pick up where their split with Dead Hero left off, driving melodic hardcore punk. A great split with awesome handmade and screened packaging that showcases the friendship that formed at last year's Varning Fest. Out in time for Parasytes Japan tour! 500 pressed worldwide (Dure Realite, Rakkos, Rat Trap, FYBS and MMM) with 130 available from MMM.

Our take: Split 7" between these two catchy punk bands on the great Discos MMM label. Parasytes are from Montreal and have a sound that I'd describe as catchy hardcore... not in the Bad Religion sense, but rather in the sense that their music is fast, tight, and precise, but they're not afraid to include riffs that are overtly catchy. There's a definite UK82 vibe at work (particularly in the gruff but clearly enunciated vocals), but infused with the precision of US hardcore... Circle Jerks meets Vice Squad maybe? As for Secta, they're from Bogota, Colombia and, as on their previous split 12" with Dead Hero, they remind me quite a lot of Ruleta Rusa. The vocals are quite similar, and while the music isn't as rocked-out, like Parasytes they play a style that's as fast and precise as any hardcore band but infused with way more catchiness than your average hardcore band is apt to deliver, which comes across even on a furious, up-tempo track like "No Religion." Top-quality material from both bands, who couldn't be better-matched for a split with one another. If you're into Ruleta Rusa or most any of the releases on Discos MMM this is extremely worthy of your attention.