Paranoid: Punkdemonium Hell 7"

Viral Age Records


Hard vinyl release of this recording that originally came out on a very limited flexi. UK import.

Our take: I think that we can now safely call Paranoid the best crust band in the world. Even Punkdemonium Hell, which doesn't have nearly as many of the overt (black) metal influences as their masterpiece-so-far, Satyagraha, is so strikingly original and powerful that it just makes other bands look weak and sad by comparison. The guitar tone, the songwriting, the performance... it's all there and it's pretty much perfect. Punkdemonium Hell was a flexi, but this hard vinyl reissue adds an extra track and ups the artwork ante, making it worth your money even if you picked up the flexi the first time around. And if you haven't heard Paranoid... well, get with it, because they're the best game in town right now and you need to be listening to everything they put out.
Tags: 10s d-beat hardcore punk recommended sweden