Paradox: S/T 7"

Imminent Destruction Records

$3.00 $7.50

Latest EP from these Georgia d-beaters, released on a European label so unfortunately it's a bit pricey. Anyway, this is a big step up from their earlier 12"... this is kind of your basic, burly, hoarse-vocal d-beat type stuff... it's not super-complicated, but it just rages. The heaviness and the kind of fist-pumping pace that it has actually reminds me a bit of early Tragedy, but it's not really epic in any way... in fact, I could see fans of Skemäta's more straightforward stuff digging this really hard. Don't come to this expecting any surprises, but if you want some top-notch burly, metallic d-beat this one is highly recommended.
Tags: 10s d-beat gb325 hardcore yoobl