Paper Dragons: Die to Please 12"

Firestarter Records

$4.00 $11.00

Debut 12" from this Baltimore band featuring members of a heap of well-known groups like Pulling Teeth, Deep Sleep, the Spark, Dead Mechanical, and many others. Deep Sleep is probably the best comparison to Paper Dragons' sound; like DS, Paper Dragons exist on the catchier / more melodic end of the hardcore spectrum, but they dispense with the All-isms of Deep Sleep. The label description calls it "Circle Jerks meets the Wipers," and I can definitely see that, as there's a locked-in, driving quality that definitely recalls the Wipers. Perhaps the perfect modern reference would be demo-era Cloak/Dagger. At any rate, this is a killer album of hooky, driving hardcore punk. Firestarter Records

Tags: 10s melodic USA USHC