Padkarosda: Art of My Liberation Cassette



Cassette-only release of this Hungarian punk bandäó»s second full-length. My awareness of Padkarosda came after being totally blown away by their previous eponymous debut LP, which I randomly stumbled across on a blog somewhere. I immediately tried to find this LP for sale online, only to discover that with the exception of posting their music for free on bandcamp, Padkarosda had until recently only self-released their material on CD. The sound really stood out to me in a unique way, but I later read that Padkarosda takes heavy influence from äóÖ80s Hungarian punk bands. Iäó»m not familiar with many Hungarian bands, but if this is true, then I desperately need to discover more Hungarian punk! The easiest way for me to describe my initial reaction to Padkarosda would be like if Die Kreuzen covered Finnish bands like Kaaos or Rattus. The guitars are bright and drowned in chorus, weaving between dissonant chords and awesome melodic lead parts that almost have a goth/deathrock sensibility. This makes for an interesting juxtaposition to the heavily distorted, frantic bass lines and precise, raging drumming. Still though, with the music sounding dark, urgent, and aggressive, it also manages to be super catchy. While I was a big fan of their other LP, äóìArt of My Liberationäó? expands on Padkarosdaäó»s sound with stronger songwriting and top-notch musicianship. Highly recommended. (Jeff)

Tags: 10s europe hardcore punk recommended