Out Cold: A Heated Display 12"

Painkiller Records


Throughout their long and storied career, Out Cold have never attempted to be anything other than Out Cold... they just put out full-length after full-length of blazing, uncompromising hardcore in the Negative Approach tradition. They never changed genres, got weird, or tried to expand their horizons... they just stayed angry, and that's the reason they're worshipped. Sadly, the band is no more, but thankfully they recorded a wealth of material before their untimely demise, and this LP constitutes a significant chunk of it. After the death of Mark Sheehan (who plays guitar on these recordings), the band re-enlisted their original vocalist for these recordings they honestly haven't lost a step... if anything, his vocals are even more Brannon-inspired, and this is as perfect as any other Out Cold record. Essential.

Tags: 10s 90s boston fast hardcore USA USHC