Ought: Once More With Feeling 10"

Constellation Records


Ought has been gathering momentum the old-fashioned way, with a humble and deceptively unassuming post-punk debut that's been worming its way into many ears thanks to its combination of intelligence, authenticity, directness, simplicity and energy; and driven by live performances wherein the band's channeling of genuine passion, politics and charisma is exuberantly galvanizing audiences.Ought's full-length More Than Any Other Day has been showered with accolades. Discussion of a tour-only release that would commit a couple of the band's self-recorded early tunes to vinyl shifted towards a realization that Ought wanted to update some of this material to reflect how the songs have evolved on stage and in concert. A weekend session at Montréal's Hotel2Tango in June 2014 yielded new recordings of two early pieces, "Pill" and "New Calm Pt. 2" along with the brand new, more experimental "New Calm Pt. 3". The fantastic non-album track "Waiting" from the More Than Any Other Day sessions rounds out this 4-song, 24-minute, vinyl-only offering.Rather than restrict this freshly recorded material to tour-only status, Constellation is making it available to indie retail; a very fine EP that rounds up Ought's first two years of songwriting and reveals exciting additional facets of the band.
Tags: 10s canada indie melodic post-rock yoobl