Os Mutantes: Everything Is Possible: World Psychedelic Classics 12"

Luaka Bop Records


To listen to this collection is to know that in the '60s, ground zero for "pure pop genius" was not only located in England or the U.S., but in turbulent, bubbling Brazil. This collection presents the very cream of the crazy cream of Os Mutantes, with 14 tracks hand-picked by Beco Dranoff and David Byrne. While these brilliant, psychedelic recordings are best appreciated in the context of the three albums from which they are mostly culled, the music found here offers a wonderful glimpse of the dynamic pop magic that was Os Mutantes.There's the purple-hazed crawl of "Dia 36," with Baptista-brand wobbled vocals and bizarre, inverted wah-wah acoustic guitar. There are two versions of the lovely gem "Baby," the 1968 version lulling along to the sound of reverb-vibrato guitar and toy organ while that of 1971 softens a bit, with Jobim-esque nylon-string guitar and piano rolling out a bossa nova rhythm for Rita Lee's English cooing. Fuzz-guitar joyride "A Minha Menina" is simply the definition of "groovy." "Ave, Lucifer" is a shadowy little ode to the devil, with a dire melody and fanfares of horns and strings. This is genius pop that straddles the fence between sincerity and irony with relish.
Tags: 60s garage reissues spanish-language